Imagine having a chatting app that has a real-time map!

That is ChatLoc8 for you

There are plenty of reasons why you would you need such an app.

Private Servers
Automatic Updates
Mobile Services
Extended Network

Cloud Base System

You could be travelling in a group for an excursion or vacation and it is necessary to know the whereabouts of everyone. ChatLoc8 enables you to create groups where you can see each and everyone’s live location – while chatting with them.


Business Solution

Going on a pilgrimage? There isn’t a better way to stay connected to your travel group than with ChatLoc8. Plan your meeting points and see who has arrived, who is on their way and who is missing – all in real time. You can attach photos with your messages too!


Conversion Tracking

Do you have family friends or loved ones that you need to keep an eye on in terms of their location, wellbeing and safety, with ChatLoc8 you can keep visual track of their live location.

Perhaps you have a business and you need to be found by anyone who can send you instant messages while tracking your location. ChatLoc8 makes this easy. You register as a business user and upload photos of your products/services into your Gallery. The rest is easy. New and existing customers can find you on the map and instantly chat with you. Imagine how powerful this would be for tourists or new customers!


We Help Your Business Grow

Are you a casual worker or handyman? Why not use ChatLoc8 to advertise yourself based on your location? Potential customers can chat with you directly once they find you on the map.

Whatever your situation, if it involves chatting and locating people in real-time, then ChatLoc8 was meant for you.v


Boost Productivity

Download it now and try it out with your friends. It is free!


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